Hello cyber traveler, welcome to my mini personal page! . now something of me your webmistress.., my name is HELENA GRACE BLOMFIELD, born in PONGAKAWA VALLEY. TE PUKE, NEW ZEALAND,Pongakawa Valley home of the PUTU-PAI-AHA REHE 'Children of the Mist', according to Maori folk lore. I have one Christian name after each of my Grandmothers,  one Grandmother was  English,  Grace Lawrence, wife of Thomas Nevil Blomfield and the other Grandmother was French and German, coming to New Zealand in 1886 with her Mother Wilheminia HEDWIG and Father Albert LANGE and 2 siblings from Germany on the....that's the Helena. I think that custom is dying out  with the younger generation, which is a pity.
Nevill Thomas Blomfield's family were academic, Granddad being a dispensing Chemist, and 2 of his brothers Doctors, however my Pater for whatever reason decided to go to the country so one was brought up mainly in the rural farming districts of New Zealand as a child, hence my love of animals and Nature.  I attended the Palmerston North Girls High School in PALMERSTON NORTH....On leaving school  I  was employed by GERARD DRAYTON Photographer, Avon House ( see photos above, also one of my dear Grandfather whom I remember telling me not to slam the door!)) receptionist, colourist and retoucher .When I  married and moved to Mt Maunganui..
Up to 2005 I used  to live in the WAIHI, a delightful old GOLD mining town for 40yrs, but now reside in TOKOROA,  in the North Island of NEW ZEALAND,  and where is NEW ZEALAND  you may ask..  the very beautiful Islands of  NEW ZEALAND are set as two jewels of JADE,  in the PACIFIC OCEAN .    NEW ZEALAND  is GREEN,  very green,  beautiful snow capped mountains, and one of the largest lakes in the SOUTHERN HEMISPERE, LAKE TAUPO,   it is just a really beautiful country of just over 4 million souls.

And being a SAGGITARIAN, one loves knowledge,  life is just so amazing! I trained in Swedish massage at Wellpark Auckland and worked at it for many years from my clinic at home, also very interested in Natural Health Therapies, I  am   an artist and writer, 70 poems online in  USA..poetry .com, .I adore Victoriana, grand old villas & collect old time memorabilia., One is a rebel  and freethinker as you have no doubt have ascertained if you have looked through my website.  I get very  very upset about our endangered animals especially what is now happening in China  and the FOUL FUR TRADE! ,  I cannot abide MANS stupidity...The MIND CONTROL of the masses is so EVIL,  no one but no one has the right to impose their will upon another,  but take a good  long look at the world today do.....and results of insidious mind control over centuries in all its various disguises,  resulting in Religious bigotry,  hatred,  murder,  intolerance, misery, poverty, corruption, and the list goes on.    I found the freedom and knowledge of owning computers, um actually three........I am also strongly into GOVT., COVERUPS,   MYSTERIES..   and  into SPACE RESEARCH, AND INTERPLANETARY TRAVEL so naturally THE RED PLANET IS A MUST! Have a passion for old heritage homes,  am a member of NEW ZEALAND HERITAGE TRUST, have rescued 2 old homes from certain demolition and am now would love to rescue an Heritage  class 2 derelict Hotel, time will tell if I am successful in this venture, one should maintain and keep all heritage for the coming generations where possible.

From my lounge windows I can watch awesome sunrises, and planes taking off  from the local airport, from my back balcony, I watch the lovely sunsets, traffic down on the highway and a glorious panorama of stars at night, I can also see the Westpac helicopters fly over head to our Tokoroa Accident and Emergency Hospital...
My garden is large and rambling and a bit on the wild side, as I would say NATURAL! I have tuis, bellbirds, fantails, I have a mini paradise for next to nothing, I am also close to TAUPO, HAMILTON AND ROTORUA, I am very close to fantastic TIRAU,  truly a mecca of amazing antique shops, a must for any seasoned discerning shopper..
Anyway have a browse thru my five websites, I am sure you will find something of interest and say hello  and where you are from in the guest book.
Here may I add that I started this Blomfield website quite a few years ago now, with an old windows 95, with 3 GB  used to sit for hours and hours trying to upload stuff when our speeds where so unbelievably slow on dailup! now I can't imagine how I even got this website up and running  in those early days,however as computers have improved, and now have new computer, plus a nice new laptop, and with broadband downloads etc., are so much faster, oh my, life is  so easier I must say, and its always a real pleasure to work these pages, and meet all the guests,if you would like any of your photos or data on here please let me know, I'll be only too happy to oblige you..
Since one  began the exciting voyage of finding ones  BLOMFIELD FAMILY ROOTS,  BLOMFIELD GENEALOGY,which I started because I could find nothing online about us at all..and that is when my English cousin  Johnny Blomfield found me, and to my extreme delight I discovered he is doing the BLOMFIELD FAMILY TREE an extraordinary feat! ,what a magnificent job he has done..totally amazing!
It has been and is  an exciting voyage of discovery and a most fruitful venture, meeting online all the worldwide Blomfield family...in the process of putting all interesting pieces of Blomfield data & memorabilia online, I have come in contact with many different branches of the Blomfield Clan  from many parts of the WORLD, cousins I never knew I had who have been so helpful with data, photos & crests for this website.a big thank you to Canadian Blom William ( Bill) who kindly sent me a copy of his fathers magnificent book Revision of Blomfield History..brilliant
UPDATE..I am  member of free  WIKI TREE...and MY HERITAGE, a paid site..have made massive stride in discovering my Family Roots...through the Paternal Grandparents..back to FRANCE and beyond, not so lucky with the Maternal line..4 generations stuck in France/Germany-KRAENZILIN-LANGE

The New Zealand Blomfields did in fact have a  BLOMFIELD FAMILY REUNION in 3rd February ?    ......... which was held at the ELLERSLIE RACECOURSE, this was put together by Trevor Blomfield, and my info says that the deputy Leader of the Opposition Mr Robert Muldoon opened the day,which was attended by more than 500 of the NEW ZEALAND  BLOMFIELD branches. unfortunately .I missed out on that occasion, having  at the time,  ill twins, but one does hope that some enterprising BLOMFIELD will think of  ARRANGING another BLOMFIELD REUNION in the near future, that would be  just wonderful  event for all us older Blomfields to catch up!.
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This page was last updated on: October 27, 2017
 AM AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER OF THIS BEAUTUFUL DC3 DAKAOTA, WHICH OPPERATES OUT OF ARDMORE- AUCKLAND.THIS SHOT WAS AT WINGS AND WINE TAUPO .My self and a girlfriend had a fantastic flight on this old lady, sweeping grandly over Lake Taupo and the thermal fields..wonderful!Super Slueth sussing out tunnel on Union Hill Waihi NZMyself with Mother, Nellie Rosina Bryant/BlomfieldMyself and Tigermoth Waihi Beach Airport NZAfantastic day for gliding Waihi Airport NZWaihi Hospital CentBrother Reginald Blomfield, and my sons Mark left Phil rightWaihi Xmas Parade, Victorian garbMy golden lab MellowCousins... myself  at left, possibly 15yrs old, cousin Barbara Russel, Elva ? and my cousin Ros MacDonell far rightBrother Reginald Blomfield and his winning Sunbeam Talbot-WAIHI NZ Great Grandparents Henry and Elizabeth Blomfield England-they were missionaries in JamaicaGrandparents Thomas Nevill and  Grace Lawence/Blomfield, they came to New Zealand in 1901MeMini me, down on the farm BOP, NZMy Citroen MI2CV.Timber Mill Museum Putaruru NZWaihi Hospital Cent.My Great Aunt Amy born in BerlinMartha Hill Cottage  now gone copyright H.G.B lomfieldDear old Royal Hotel Thames NZ, now restoredLady GraceMy English Grandmother and sisterOld Post Office Paparoa NZ