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As family know I have been at this Genealogy lark for many many years tracking down the elusive BLOMFIELDS....we got back to Normandy and hit a brick wall.....one day recently 2016, I decided to look at the Paternal Grandmother's line...it hadn't looked very interesting so I had not persued it....however I had a more in depth look and hello..here we go..thank you Grandmother GRACE LAWRENCE..about 12 generations in there is a LAWRENCE-BEAUMONT marriage..so there goes our line up through the Nevilles/Stutevilles. etc.,....I also looked at the wives of the Blomfields and struck GOLD again..Anne ALDOUS wife of Henry Blomfield of Debenham UK....she gives us amazing links taking us back to the Plantagenets..and beyond...more GOLD......I then made a break thru in my Maternal line KRAENZELIN-LANGE....here we got back to POLAND with the LANGE and SWITZERLAND with KRAENZELIN ......Oh boy it gets better and better..all roads lead to ROME.....and... so on......

so the story is dont give up....its all there just waiting to be found...I used a paid site.MY HERITAGE TREE'  and also 'WIKI TREE' and FAMILY SEARCH which are  free Gengealogy sites , and each compliments the other......our lines are connect to PLANTAGENETS, ROMANOVS, WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, the Royal Familes of Europe, right back to ROME.......and beyond........
I Struck.......

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A Roman ancestor
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Thomas and Grace are 21st cousins five times removed
Thomas Blomfield Chemist and Grace (Lawrence) Blomfield are both descendants of Walter FitzRobert. Walter "2nd Lord of Little Dunmow, of Woodham Walter" FitzRobert Born 1133 in Dunmow Castle, Essex, England
ANCESTORS:  Son of Robert (Clare) de Clare and Matilda (Senlis) Clare Wikipedia: Walter Fitz Robert.....Walter FitzRobert was a member of aristocracy in the British Isles. Walter Fitz Robert, Knt., born about 1219 (minor in 1235, of age in 1240), was the son of Robert Fitz Walter, Magna Carta Surety,