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what's really on/ underground on Mars & why the secrecy?
That there has been/is a mighty big coverup going on re our sister planet Mars by NASA & Co,  cannot be denied, ie evidence of doctored images from Mars,/Moon, false information drip fed to a gullible public for years and years.......that there has been a catastrophic disaster on Planet Mars also cannot be denied re all water vaporized off the surface, vegetation.  buildings & almost all signs of a once great civilization destroyed,  an the first instant all seems to be agreed by, of  a cosmic disaster, ie asteroid hit......but later evidence of a later wave of destruction appears to be much much more sinister......maybe this is the reason for the blackout of REAL info coming from NASA, that the planet Mars was somehow, sometime in the past involved in a interplanetary war, as certain signs on the surface point to  quite horrific evidence of a nuclear war, ie bunker busting bombardment with debris falling inwards down craters, oh don't worry NASA  done almost a perfect job concealing most of the visual evidence of the  horrific destruction,  most of anything that smacks of anything re civilization, is  conveniently  out of focus, the usually airbrushing stuff they do to cover up any buildings, machinery etc., but someone always misses something, and hey just read our Ancient History which is NOT taught in our education dept/.  by schools to eager minds, that re the Ancient Sumarian texts,  we had mining from Terra firma, Mars & the Moon, not so unusual, Mans minds have just been controlled and dumbed down not to think outside the box, we are easier to ,manipulate as docile sheeples!
I like facts/logic I don't go in for all the wild fantasy & fairy tale Martian stuff, I download all my own images and look for anomalies, and my first reaction when I saw the surface of Mars was one of sorrow & great sorrow, the place looked totally blitzed, smashed, pulverized, buildings, machinery absolutely smashed to smithereens,  chunks & pieces of a great civilization, people like us, their hopes, their dreams, the fauna, oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, great cities, pulverized into so many broken fragments, where ever a piece of wreckage shows obvious signs of being manufactured NASA has step in with pixel tampered, airbrushing,  whatever they do for whatever reason, to obliterate any sign that Mars was/is inhabited,,heaven only knows why, for the obvious photographic evidence makes them out bare faced much debris lying around, some places look like knackers yards! I have found remains of many cities  but per usual its all out of focus, to enlarge and put online....are they afraid whoever/whatever  annihilated Mars will have a go at Earth?I had a look at a video by Luna cognita and was totally blown away by the NASAS footage of just what flitting around above our heads,so much space traffic and whose watching the SPACESTATION, whose tracking the Space Lab, what that searchlight on the moon? oh questions questions...below the damage done by bunker bombing, debris falling INWARDS....below thepieces of
I like facts, I don't go in for there to add text.
Very bright objectWhats in he crater?This is a very bright reflective object by one of the Mars tunnel systems at side is a crater that appears to have ;something' at the entranceI found this on some smashed up debris, it looks  like some sort of glyphs ??llooking at olld Spirit images and what did I find on the horizon?Looks like a very large complex of some sort reflecting in the Martian sunlight!
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The A.B.C on Mars....