by DOUG YURCHEY copyright 2002
The ambiguous title refers to our Moon's ' gravity lock' with Earth.  Why do we see only one side of the Moon and its farside remains pointed away from our view?  Astronomers will tell you ' we're in a synchronic relationship with our satellite.  We're gravity locked, you see. This situation appears to be constant and unchanging.'
No one questions the phenomena.  No one dares consider that the Earth/Moon gravity-relationship may not be natural at all!  We know of  one other sync relationship in the solar system.  Pluto's moon revolves in it's orbit exactly as Pluto rotates on its axis. In this particular situation, if you were on Pluto...the moon would appear forever motionless in the sky.
That's it.  All other normal, natural orbits between planets and their satellites decay or change over time.  Artificial satellites fall back to the planet, eventually. There should be some change in our orbital relationship with the Moon...however minutely..over long stretches of time. What is natural should be Earthlings looking up and slowly seeing the farside of the Moon.  But, this will never happen.
The truth is: GRAVITY LOCK IS A MYTH.  Gravity Lock is what experts say when they have no explanation; they go right along with accepted doctrines.  Here are questions that the scientists cannot answer.

        Why aren't all planets and satellites locked?
         Why is the Earth/Moon in this special relationship and not the            majority of other cosmic  bodies?
                   Why won't this  ' lock ' ever change and decay as in normal               orbits?


All of us on Earth take for granted the Man in the Moon.  Some people see a Woman  in the Moon ( profile).  Instead of understanding how UNNATURAL our lunar relationship is, we blindly accept it as normal. Consider that this super rare, gravity-lock-of-a-situation has occurred on the only known planet that ( for sure, 100% positive, absolutely) has life!  This is odd in the extreme.  Imagine that Earth is known by higher lifeforms that exist in the Milky Way....Maybe we are theater to them...Maybe bad TV....Maybe we are just in a petri dish and they only want to observe.  What better way to study this lush, life-filled world than from the Moon?  From the Moon, they could send signals to their home and never be detected by Earth sources.  Forget the aliens, our own Black Ops goverment has been using all of the Moon for decades.  How many Area 51s are there on the Moon?  Secret lunar bases; this Big Lie is the real reason we have not PUBLICALLY  gone back to the Moon.  Our goverment must have large numbers of secret transmitters on the farside.  From the farside, there is RADIO-SILENCE;  perfectly protected from Earthly detection.

We see many unnatural things in our world as natural.  One example is Bode's Law; thrown  away by astronomers in the 19th century with the discovery of the exception; Neptune.  Bode's Law is a mathematical relationship between the distances of every planet out from the sun.  The asteriods were a planet long ago and are found exactly where a 5th planet once orbited the sun. Pluto fits Bode's Law and so will the 10th planet when verified.  There is ORDER;  a plan;  to whoever placed the planets where they did.
With the Moon, do not be so sure it is a dead world. There have been reported weathering, clouds...a world that does change. We should question the party-line view of lunar  lifelessness. There has to be something compensating to keep the farside pointing away from Earth.  The natural tendency is for the farside to face us.  What could that be? Something unnatural:  An ancient lunar device left over from the days of Atlantis?  Or, something that secret Trilateral forces control at the present?
Sometimes we don't see the forest for the satellites.

( This writer once wrote a sci-fi story of a rebel group who blew up the Lunar Mechanism. Slowly the farside turned and faced Earth point-blank...then all hell broke loose).

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