This is the story of a SECRET........

don't even bother to read this if you are  one of the ' walking dead' , 'asleep' , comfortable and secure in your own belief systems,  this is for the thinkers and ones brave enough to dare to question the status quo........

for the ones who wonder about humanities murky beginnings and the glaring discrepancies in our known  ancient history and belief systems, the falsehoods that we accept as truth for we  and are not permitted to know any better, if you fit into this category then my friend read on.....

There is a SECRET....

a secret that would turn the world as we know it upside  down...

a secret that has been hidden from humanity since the dawn of our time..

a secret more damming and soul destroying than the De  Vinci Code......does the Vatican know?

a secret that has kept homo sapiens chained to the Earth, eyes down, fighting, squabbling, killing each other like rabid animals....using only a tenth of their massive brain power......locked into mind numbing  belief systems,

deliberately choreographed to keep humanity in maximum darkness and ignorance of their amazing origin and their rightful place in the Universe....

humanity bound in mental cages....who or what wishes humans to remain ignorant of their  beginnings, of their source?
how many archaeological mysteries remain just that,   mysteries still in our modern age of so called tech brilliance?

NASA tries to keep the Secret,

but secrets will out,

secrets will SHOCK,

secrets will HORRIFY,

secrets will stun with DISBELIEF,

ruin lives and minds........

but secrets will out.........

.in the end, no matter how long it takes,

through the eons of time........

now  the Ancestors call..........

FACT: human DNA is 98/99  plus%,  the same as Earth .that scary fact is mostly ignored.....why?

FACT:  less than 2%  is the DNA that gives humanity its higher intellect., that should make you think!

FACT: It is a scientific fact that  humans have a ancient brain stem, and only a few thousand of years ago did the small new part appear over the top of the brain  that gives humans their humanity....

FACT: The link between primitive ape creature and modern man cannot be made, though many have tried for whatever reason to establish the  missing  link.......

Fact: ancient tech cannot be explained in this day of modern technology...Great Pyramid of Giza, rustless iron, Baalbek, Vimanas etc., and much more supposedly   'Alien technology'.......

Fact:   NASA/whoever is spending MEGA BUCKS trying to get to Mars......minerals?

Fact: The non red planet MARS has water, air, vegetation,winds, snow and ruins, tons & tons of machined debris, signs of a highly civilized race....a massive coverup......for whatever reason?

Fact: NASA is covering up pixel  & fogging interference...of supposedly raw  images, 'cuse me , why do they bother, like egg on face syndrome!

Fact: ruined domed complexes, towers on the Moon..etc., etc.,..coverup again.....whose on/in the Moon? , whoever controls the Moon controls the Earth, a perfect position to control/manipulate homo Sapiens..

Theory:  The Martian civilization  once faced total extinction from  an incoming meteor, asteroid  hit....causing slippage of the Martian mantle, massive earthquakes, floods, winds, on a deadly global scale, leaving  a traumatized people to rebuild their planet as best they could, by going underground.. they recovered.....

Fact:  Mars inner core has reversed, and on side of mantle is much thinner than the other....( NASA)

Fact: scientific analysis of Martian meteorite would suggest strongly that Mars was once  had a climate such as Earth, warm and wet....NASA.

Theory: Underground complexes built for the masses survival...

escape to planet Earth for the elite, scientists, rulers etc., with DNA samples, Martian animals fauna plant life etc.,

FACT! now another fact rears its totally horrific incomprehensible imaginablehead, that MARS  in the past has suffered a nuclear war, all photographic imagery evidence re NASA's so called 'raw' images point inescapably to a pulverized blitz  Mars, broken smashed remains of cities, machinery, this machinery is blacked out in most cases, but one can discern pipes, tubes, workings, one CAN discern ruins of cities, many ,many cities, one can discern evidence of what we would call bunker bombs, with debris spilling inwards down craters, specifically designed warfare to get at/and destroy the people below the surface..the question arises here..WHO? WHY? and when, and could this also happen to Earth? is this why NASA etc., are trying to hide the glaring truth/facts from an unsuspecting humanity on Earth?

FACT: NASA in their own words say they there is no life such as we know it with our Solar that appears to answer the question..

Fact: Humans today  sending DNA  samples to the Space station in case of Earths demise....see below, so what new?

FACT: Humans can and do clone life forms......mix animal and human genes, transplants organs etc.,.mix hybrid animal/human/plant material....genetics and cloning is the name of the game...echo's of Frankenstein!

Theory: Martians possibly cloned Hu mans from  their own DNA combining  with the primitive life form of homo erectus found here on Earth.
FACT: Aprox 15% of hu mans do not carry the Rhesus factor in their blood, the remaining 85% are Rhesus positive, now that should really make you think...where did the Rh negative blood line originate from? Ramesss and the Amarna Pharaohs were all Rh negative-some with red hair..Rh negative CANNOT be cloned!, it has a high copper content, and most rh negs have some access to the power of the pineal gland-Third Eye, don't go near all the garbage re reptiles and all that over the top lurid stuff, it is all red herrings to throw seekers of the 'TRUTH OF THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES' , off the track..stay focused!

Theory: Ark could have been one of the space craft bringing animals and Martian fauna to Earth.?..

Fact:  They, plural. 'Elohim', made man in their own image.(Old Testament Bible Jewish history)

Fact: They plural ' Elohim" got totally cheesed off with their  too smart   hu man family, ie., Tower of Babel 'Elohim' said let us confounded these humans before they get as smart and mighty as us, hmmmmm hardly Godlike attitude is it?..Old Jewish Testament.
Fact:   humans are made, manufactured, cloned from our 'creators image', (DNA) so our creators must have looked very very similar to us.......Jewish History Old Testament

Fact: Eve , woman was cloned from Adam...who had previously been 'made', manufactured,  Jewish history  old testament

Theory: the newly cloned creatures (hu mans) needed a belief system put in place for their stability and security under the Martian overlords......Religion.....
FACT:The Homo Sapien creature is actually a superhuman being, we all possess a pineal gland which is the all seeing eye into other is part and parcel of our makeup..BUT it also gives us control of our own destiny, now that would never do for humans to think for themselves!!, so by means of chemicals /food, mind castration.. our powers have been nullified over the centuries, also rules. regulations via Religions etc., have been added to the deadly potion and most hu mans today have their wondrous gateway to dimensional freedom calcified.,this can be reversed...anything that  hinted of our natural dimensional power was quickly and most horrifically squashed by the Churches etc., and  for those who wished to control the human animal for their own gain, what better means of total obediance of these newly cloned  servant/workers than take away their powers of interdimensional reasoning, and thus keeping  the manipulators/controllers of Terra Firma in their place of power/control over all, thus it continues on today..the Pyramid system..'them' at the pinnacle, and so on down  different levels to the ignorant working masses on the bottom level..nothing has changed, and nothing ever will until homosapien thinks for himself........freedom is the biggest illusion of all!

Other odd Facts:  Angels, correct translation...messengers, looked the exactly same as humans, NO WINGS~! (Bible) there are many occasions in the Old testament of messengers mixing with humans

Fact:  many humans who mixed talked, ate, and kept company with  the messengers, were not aware they were in the company of 'messengers'  until informed  or some extraordinary feat was performed before their non comprehensible eyes....Jewish History ( Old Testament) Some  these very human looking Messengers co habited with the women of that time, producing  offspring mighty men (and I presume women), who did many marvelous things.Jewish history, Old Testament...

Then we have the jolly old Nephilim,  who were not very popular by Jewish History, did you know the correct translation of Nephilin is 'the shining ones who from the Heavens came' hmmmm? seemed to be an awful  lot of space travel in those ancient times....if you are really interested and intrigued about homo sapiens  beginnings, go back to the ancient Summerians, in their own words they tell us about Space travel between Mars, Moon and Earth, the cloning of Homo Sapiens, mining activity and the  transport of minerals off earth......where on earth would the Summerians  6000yrs ago get those advanced ideas and record them forever in  stone if it wasn't fact at the time, not science fiction but our very  own  Ancient Earth history..
Fact: The terrible nuclear wars as recorded in the  Indian MAHABAHARATA, 5000yrs ago, & the discovery of highly radioactive remains in India today, recordings higher than Hiroshima..should make any intelligent person ponder the true facts of human history
Indeed there are many many unexplained mysteries of the Ancient World that could be explained by our creators from  the doomed Mars, and not the alien visitor much evidence of worldwide vitrification of ancient cities and forts....were the wars between the creators, The Martian Overlords 'Gods' and their us their creation, or outside planetary interference, hmmmm therein lies another story...

now would  that not put the cat amongst the pigeons?

The fact our home planet is really Mars not Earth,

that we are the remnants of a very very old race, it would explain a  lot of the unexplainable,

but is Man ready to know this SECRET?

which could  lift him out of the mire of ignorance to the stars,

or will hu mans keep on their blind myopic spiral downwards  to oblivion forever enmeshed in the

MATRIX  of sterile mind controlling belief systems....

copyright  Alienzone 2008

Mars blue sky...Nasalic
DNA 'time capsule' to dock on Space Station

Associated press Monday 13th 2008

a secret spacecraft is carrying digitized DNA sequences of some of the worlds greatest thinkers, musicians, athletes etc.,
The electic list ranges from famed physicist Stephen HAWKING to comedian Stephen Colbert,
The digitized DNA  is part of the ' immortality drive, a time capsule that will be stored on the  Space Station in case we or something/body  wipes out the planet Earth.. ja vue.....
BAALBEK To judge size of these massive dressed blocks see size  of 2 people in gap.largest dressed stone weighs 1200 tons!. constructed apprx 6,000 yrs ago
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Reflecting Martian object!
After the Martian flood!.
machined Martian bits
Sumerian cuneiform text
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Taken from the Mars Orbiter, quite a large area of ihabitation, a point of interest on the ridge on right several LARGE dark building complexesAn enlargement of iinhabited area MarsDon't you find it rather odd that the old images show a BLUE sky? whereas the later images everything is reddiish@hmmm wonder how Nasa explains this one away?Lol and this, it hasn't been dropt as there are no marks and its has been lying there for a while re the coating of  orangy dust, so who else is on Mars???This clearly shows roads in and around this complex-interestingThis is mighty interesting as it very big whatever it isEnlargement of odd flying craft in Mars sky????A smokey Mars, there is a huge chimney like building in amongst stuff this which makes one wonder is this the outlet of some underground city!
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Below are some images from the old Viking lander, some of which are very clear, none of the out of focus shite they give us nowdays plus ot other from Nasa, also Google Mars, I don't go for airy fairy fantasy gooblegook, I like facts, don't believe it, because I say it,  go and look for yourself its all there, its a case of can't see the trees for the leaves..or visa versa
.but believe this,  the Moon IS inhabitated, as IS Mars, and the sooner homosapien get his head out of the sand the better!!!,
.gee whizz now how do you build a Pyramid again???
I thought I really must share this with you......

I was in Google researching/looking up Mars info..when my eye was caught by the words my  THE SECRET' which I wrote 2007/8, hello I thought what's this?, so continued reading and to my dismay this is what I found.... Plagiarism..

Our Martian Ancestry Exposed-Joe Szostaka

"is the story of a SECRET - a secret that could turn the world as we know it upside down, a secret that has been hidden from humanity since the dawn of our time. This SECRET has kept Homo sapiens chained to the Earth, totally oblivious, fighting and killing each other like rabid animals, using only a tenth of our incredible brain power and locked into mind-numbing belief systems. Humanity has been bound in mental cages on this planet."

My exact words, my thoughts exactly, flogged off here, not only that the cheeky sod had taken Mars images as well ,and has his page copyrighted!   wonder how much other stuff hes taken off other peoples websites...shame on you Joe Szostaka