Above  Major V.E.Blomfield, 2nd in line, receiving the CROIS de GUERRE avec PALME  at LIMOGES 16th Sept., 1944 during the liberation Day celebrations in LIMOGES FRANCE.

Below is the CROIS de GUERRE avec PALME a MEDAL
awarded for highest  valour  and courage in the field.
Medal of Freedom-USA
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A BLOMFIELD family member, cousin  Richard Blomfield, has very kindly provided most of the information regarding our valiant family member,  one of our great uncles, Vernon Elliot Blomfield, thank you Richard.....I am certain all our BLOMFIELD genealogists are going to be intrigued with this ancestor!.

LT. Col.,  VERNON ELLIOT BLOMFIELD, SUFFOLK REGIMENT BRITISH ARMY...  born 25.5.1905 Harrow-on-the-Hill,Middlesexn UK.  was son of Edwin Cecil Blomfield  born 22.8.1857, and Ada H. Elliott
. Edwin's lineage traces back to our HENRY AND ELIZABETH BLOMFIELD  1817 Finsbury Middlesex  UK, and back again to JOHN & ANNE BLOOMFIELD-1488 BURY ST EDMUNDS  ENGLAND.........
Just prior to the Great War,Vernon's father Edwin Cecil moved his family to  the cooler climes of Canada....  Edwin  Cecil Blomfield had been Classics master at King's School,Canterbury,and it was obviously thought that the pupils at St Andrew`s College,Toronto needed their Greek and Latin improved upon. .Vernon was educated at  St Andrews College,Toronto,Canada,  He obviously had a flair for languages as he won the prize three years running for the best French speaker-----no mean achievement in a semi French speaking community. ( Canada)  He also it appears was fluent in German, so when the family returned to the UK he went on to  graduate at the  University of London (B.A. with 1st Class Hons in French ......a teacher of modern languages,King Edward's School,Stourbridge.and later when war broke out his destiny seemed to have been preordained. for an extraordinary colourful exciting  life......... enlisting in  17.10.1940   Suffolk Regiment.

    Vernon  was in OPE ( Special Operations Executive )   parachuting into Nazi occupied FRANCE in 1944  behind the lines  more than a few times and joining  up the MAQUIS, that valiant brave  group of French  partisans who. fought the GERMANS tooth and nail,  the hatred of the invaders fueling their courage ..and being fluent in the French language served him well in his op's behind enemy lines.......Vernon penned an interesting little story on his exploits with this brave group of  MAQUISARD....titled " I WAS A MAQUISARD'

On 3rd July 1944  Vernon, codename ' density' , parachuted into France with the BERGAMOTTE MISSION with the S.O.E...Vernon conducted himself with much  honour and and courage earning the highest award,   FRANCES top  Military medal for Gallantry in the field when on the 16th of September 1944 he was decorated  in LIMOGES, with the CROIS de  Guerre avec PALME

Vernon Elliot Blomfield..enlisted on the 17.10.1940 Suffolk Regiment,  Lance Cpl November 1940
168 OCTU April-June 1941....commissioned 21.6.1941 (WS 2Lt)
6 Bn Suffolk Regiment...  SOE 5.1.1942..STS4 Depot 5.1.1942..Group A January 1942...STS 51 July 1942
Group B May 1943
ME 65 (Jedburgh training) May France 1.6.1944...returned UK 21.9.1944
posted 3 Infantry Holding Bn 9.7.1945
A/Lieutenant 16.3.1942
WS/Lt 1.11.1942
A/Captain 1.11.1942
T/Captain 1.2.1943
A/Major 10.9.1943
WS/Captain 10.12.1943
T/Major 10.12.1943
A/Lt Colonel 10.4.1945
WS/Lt Colonel 9.7.1945

Vernon went on to  a diplomatic career taking the post of   British Military Attache in TEHERAN in the time of the late SHAH of PERSIA,  and falling in  love and marrying the beautiful  Cobra, Mother of then lady in waiting to  the SHAHBUNA  ( that would have been at the time the very stunning PRINCESS SOROYRA )  ...we are at this moment tracing this line as Vernon & Cobra  may/or may not have a  one daughter that we know of ....born we think,  in TEHERAN in 1960..
Vernon Elliot Blomfield passed away on the year 1964 in TEHERAN?

Vernon's  three brothers also entered the  British Military /Airforce....
his brother RAYMOND HAMDEN BLOMFIELD born 1908 ,Flight Sergeant R H Blomfield, RAF,...
2nd  brother NOEL CECIL BLOMFIELD born 1910 Maidenhead UK  Capt.N.C Blomfield 2nd Bat. The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) (founded in 1537,the third oldest reg in England,Sadly no more and now part of the East Anglican Regiment)....
and JOHN ELDRIDGE  EDWARD BLOMFIELD born in 1931 Hastings England.Captain J E Blomfield  16/5 Lancers ITALY.

work in progress  subject to alterations and be continued......
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Major Vernon Elliot Blomfield, 2nd in line to receive his Crois de Gruerre avec Palme in LIMOGES FRANCE 1944 on Liberation dayVernon Blomfield with members of the Maquisard, behind lines in occupied FranceVernon and members of the resistance, the MAQISARD France..Vernon Blomfield  with wife Joan, baby daughter Shirley, and Father.John Edward Eldridge Blomfield born  1922 Hastings UK- photo 1943 ITALY 16/5 LANCERS  Flight Sergeant, Raymond (Ray)  Hamden Blomfield, RAF, Elliot's brother born 1908, taught  navigation to the Polish Free Airforce John Edward Eldridge Blomfield Captain Noel Cecil Blomfield-The Buffs ( Royal East Kent Reg) founded in 1537, the third oldest regiment in England, now part of the East Anglican RegSuffolk Regiment cap badgeRichard Blomfield in splendid uniform, British Army 'The Buffs'British Military Attache to Terehan  Vernon Elliot Blomfield with his wife CobraBritish Attache Teheran, Vernon Elliot Blomfield and wife CobraJohn Edward Blomfield 16/5 Italy, LancersRichard Blomfield, nephew of Vernon Elliot BlomfieldRichard Blomfield's wife Erika, Richard,and  Buffy, Edwin Cecils only daughter A Blomfield Coat of Arms...Hastings Blomfield Family, Henry and Elisabeth Blomfield , my Grandfather Thomas Nevill (youngest)  is sitting at his Mothers feet, Edwin Henry Blomfield, Vernon's Grandfather is standing behind his Mother, 2nd right.Vernon Blomfield's Grandfather, Edwin Henry Blomfield, the brother of my Grandfather Thomas Nevill Blomfield UKEdwin Cecil Blomfield, b 1878, Vernon E. Blomfield's father, with Edwins  sister Olive Maude Blomfield b1880
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1st:  Vernon  E.. Blomfield, Military Attache Teheran 
2nd:  Major V.E. Blomfield receiving CROIS de GUERRE  avec PALME Limoges,1944