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Hi folks, I hope you are enjoying your browse around this Mars site..I have had this up for 10yrs now, and certain things have changed but the core of the mystery of Mars and what terrible tragedy occurred on that planet remains just that......a mystery..but now with NASA data re the reversed core etc., we can at least  deduce that eons ago Mars was hit by a asteroid which caused devastating damage to the planet....but she the mystery is .....what caused the latest damage? what caused a planet similar in  many respects to Earth , seas, lakes, forests, animals, people, virtually disappear? savage signs  a totally blitzed pulverized planet surface come to view through NASA'S  Orbiter strip images and the Rovers relayed back to Earth images, these are carefully scrutinized and anything that remotely looks like civilization is fogged /brushed out/pixel tampering, maybe if we on Terra Firma saw the total extent of the brutal demise of Mars, the heat melted debris, the under ground nuclear bunker bombing effects, with debris falling inwards down crater slopes....literally the tons and tons of smashed, broken pulverized heat twisted , seared, melted remains of a once beautiful planet...we on Earth would indeed ask......who did that & why ?   how just safe are we on the third planet from the sun???
That Mars has blue skies cannot be denied..BUT.. we still get these  red and orange images?? at least at last after 20yrs or more it is excepted that here is tons of water re ice under the surface etc.,..there is vegetation...there is air, maybe more than what is let on..... so why the secrecy? 
Here  are a few more anomalies I have found, the complex one is a beauty..its a panorama shot by Spirit, I had a little look along the horizon and saw a spark of light, odd I thought so blew it up and hello looks like a fairly large complex of some sort with highly reflecting roofs...also examing the large Mars orbiter images one can clearly see the outlines/remains of cities tucked away in what they thought would be safe places, now the question is who survived underground, have they flight capacity, is NASA perhaps already working with the inhabitants of Mars, there's minerals to be mined and perhaps deals to be have been done already?
.hmm and the flying object is WEIRD...I never saw a craft that shape!!!
This aint rocks baby! amazing fancy remains of 'something' thats been pulverizd, looks like machinery of sorts more machined stuff underneath in the usual it is all out of focus because it is showing us factual visual evidence of CIVILIZATION ON MARS!! This well contructed opening to an underground complex shows up clearly , but not as clear as Nasa has, betcha!, wow I think this image says it all someone is alive down below !!
sClick See more of this complex of buildings  showing up reasonably clear on the Mars horizon......below one of Spirits images.
Spirits pamarama view, I spotted this anomaly  on the far away  horizon, see red circleAha what that I see sparkling and gleaming in the Martian sunlight!Wow pretty big and more buildings to the sides hmmm pretty bright and reflective tooQuite a large city/.complex/?3 bogies MARSThis image  has the Mars Orbiter and this odd weird shape object in the Martian sky,
'curiouser and curiouser said Alice!'That's the weirdest looking air craft  I have ever seen it doesn't look like anything from Earth!, but it happily orbiting/flying around MarsI did a negative of it to catch the outline of this weird looking flying object in the Martian skies. what is it?????BogIies MarsWhats Viking having a gander at , this shiny object has reddish dust on it.. no marks on ground that its been dropt by anyone/anything recently .....hmmmmm?Google MARS shiowing a Maritian CityGoogle Mars, showing distinct outlines of buildings/city in and around this gully/valley  formation, on one side is the city on the other side  a complex of huge buildings, more stuff in the valley, possible bridges etc.,A blow up of the rather large buildings across the gully  to the right of the city..look like ? HANGARS? quite large whatever they are,I have no doubt NASA has crystal clear images of this,MARS LANDER 1997Blowup of the Mars Lander UFo? 1997 mARSThis is  very interesting area lighten up, complex of some sort with bolts machery etc., underneath, has some markings on the surface of whatever it was before it was destroyed/bombed.....The most oddest'something/artifactBright refecting surface of something MarsBright reflecting surface near the Mars Tunnelsartifacts/debris! most per usual is out of focus but one can see angles/things that are NOT natural, I blew up the object in the foreground which was conveniently whited out, and hmmmm interesting, wow I betcha their images are crystal, clear and what sad but fantastic stuff they'll be seeing,A blowup of one of the twisted bits of metalThis is the blow up about as clear as I could get it..hmmm, sorta valves and bits and pieces?This is an amazing shot of somehing on the Martian surface that has been dubbed the searchlight?? wow whateverit is it still powered up, looks mechanicalA blowup of the 'searchlight , one can see the machined outlines.amazing! remember this baby is BIG! image taken by Mars OrbiterWhenever I see something obviously blacked/smudged out on NASA RAW IMAGES I investigate and sure enough there's alway an artifact underneath, pipes,  valve like stuff, melted twisted metal, you name its there!I blew this so called 'skull' up and it appears to be a artifact of some sort, per usual the images are all just out of focus, but skull it aint!I blew up something in the sky above the horizon and hello it appears to be TWO UFOS flying around MARTIAN SKIES!This whole image shows some very unusual things, away in the distance is something highly reflective, bits of the usual debris lying around, one looks suspicously like a log of wood, the actual crater shows signs of a buildings falling into the crater,bunker bombing?
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WHO IS ON MARS?... WHAT IS  IN MARTIAN SKIES? here to add text.
Now I am going to have a 'what if'' moment,

now just suppose, what if...... Mars & Earth had came to blows eons ago re the mining possibly (minerals etc.,re Sumarian data etc.,) so having space flight & high tech these two planets faced off in a deadly conflict ( NASA's own words they say 'there is no other lifeforms such as we in our Solar system).so let the battle commence......
Was the Great Pyramid of Giza actually a particle beam weapon of some sort??? who knows, but whatever was used, spelt doom to our sister planet Mars, that nuclear holocaust swept the planet surface virtually clean of all vegetation, animal, human life, evaporating  the water/lakes/oceans from the planet's surface...DOOMSDAY indeed for the Martians... 
Terra firma did not escape this maelstrom of fury...  with total devastation of the high tech civilizations on both planets, Terra Firma still shows the battle scars ie radioactive spots around the world & unexplainable remains of an unknown technology who came off best  in this battle of the super powers?? aye that's the million dollar question, both planets would have had many nuclear proof underground facilities as we do today.... actually folks there's more than you would ever know or realize underground here on there would have been survivors, no doubt with the trade etc., that had been going on for centuries between the two planets the populations would have been mixed somewhat  re inter plaetary would depend on who had the upper hand re resources military/ food/ tech/ etc., as to who controlled which planet survived the carnage.....were the Martians after all the superior?, did they take control after the Planetary Wars?  are they indeed the Gods of our somewhat murky hidden past ancient history? that would explain a lot, remember what NASA said, there is NO LIFE such as OURS in our Solar system, so that really narrows it all down to Terra Firma & Mars.........but then again Nasa are not always truthful, are they.....
....for comfirmation of high tech weaponry use in ancient times, go look in the Bible.. one "messenger' went and slew 24000 souls..Sodom was nuked..the wife of Lot who turned to a pillar of salt....the virtually exact description is given in the ancient Indian version of a Nuclear holocaust when the elephants turn white and into dust.. etc., weapons with the brilliance and fury and destruction of a hundred suns...nuclear war........and hey folks this is our OWN EARTH HISTORY!
...there is so much evidence of our NUCLEAR PAST that has been covered up, signs of wide world vitrification re ancient ruins, melted stone & rock etc., many of earths deserts show signs of teklites, sheet glass,  all caused through atomic like heat...all ridiculed for whatever reason..........
it would also explain the rh negative blood upon Earth , a rare blood that cannot be cloned, that has excess copper levels etc., that   15%  hu mans are/couldbe  of Martian descent...?  that we, the  cloned Earthlings are the 'ALIENS'!
I always remember a saying.....THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

Fox News: Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?

The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium -- and this pattern radiates from a hot spot [on Mars],” Brandenburg told

“A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet," he said. "Maps of gamma rays on Mars show a big red spot that seems like a radiating debris pattern ... on the opposite side of the planet there is another red spot." ...Brandenburg said gamma ray spectrometry taken over the past few years shows spiking radiation from Xenon 129 -- an increase also seen on Earth after a nuclear reaction or a nuclear meltdown, including the one at Chernobyl in 1986 and the disaster in Japan earlier this month.