Welcome to some sad facts and old photographic memories on my x home town of WAIHI AND THE WORLD FAMOUS MARTHA  GOLDMINE, and some of the exciting pioneer days of early NEW ZEALAND MINING HISTORY.
Find out what's really going down with this very lucrative MARTHA GOLD  MINE since it has reopened, and the impact on the small community of WAIHI, KARANGHAKE GORGE etc.,
This was a most fascinating and colourful time of early pioneer mining history in New Zealand, as well as the Martha Gold Mine, there was mining in Karangahake Gorge and the Goldfields of Thames and  with lots of wheeling and dealing and some dastardly deeds done in the name of Midas Gold...
.For Waihi the reopening of the Martha Mine, &  the exploration drilling and taking out of the very very lucrative booty,  has changed the character of certain parts of the township forever, the town losing  its historical buildings and unique Historical features, becoming just a pretty cloned image, a soulless, sterile parody of the lusty Waihi  of yesteryears..
,....THE HEART OF WAIHI WAS MARTHA HILL, but now that is only so much relocated rubble over  Golden Valley way.
.I have taken down  most of this site re Waihi but shall put  Waihi pics,that I have taken over a period of 25yrs and I've got some beauties, RE DEMOLITION AND MINING HISTORY and dastardly dark deeds!......
anyway come with me for a nostalgic stroll down memory lane and the days that used to be in old Waihi! of the beautiful Mine Lake.....etc., etc., I took many photos around the place in the 1970's onwards, just a modest camera but adequate for the job.
all photographs are copyright to me.. YOU WISH TO USE MY PERSONAL PHOTOS, PLEASE EMAIL ME
Shock! Horror! On a recent trip to WAIHI with the WCCC, on a stroll around town we were horrified to see yet ANOTHER HISTORIC WAIHI BUILDING DEMOLISHED!! What on earth is with the Council to let all this history  be destroyed?? ..This particular building was the OLD REGENT THEATRE, very ART DECO,  to the right is another building that was demolished in the same ROSEMONT Road,  CLARKES  this building actually had the remains of a previous houses fireplace..amazing........now it  is an unexciting modern RD1......what a boring street..
this building, which I would have assumed to be historic, THE OLD PICTURE THEATRE, has GONE!!!! DEMOLISHED!!!!more of old Waihi's history just Memories & Dust, how  disgusting., who ever let this happen needs a good shakeup as to what is what in Waihi History to keep for  future generations !
copyright H.G.BLOMFIELD 2007.

The once beautiful MINE LAKE,now just memories
Another exploration Drilling rig just of MORESBY AVE.
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One morning I was surprised to see a drilling rig at the end of our St., KING STREET, WAIHI, this was in the very early days, possibly 1970s/80s,notice the drill it vertical as opposed to the  other rig..wonder what they were looking for?below on one of my strolls around Martha Hill , many years ago  I spied this rig..exploration rig ......1980's?..

Imposing, one of a kind, the CORNISH PUMPHOUSE, in its original place 1980's before the multi million dollar shift....
Yours truly checking out Gold Kilns on Union Hill WaihiThe old East End dairy waihiAarad Radio sign, lower Seddon St., WaihiThe Old Miners Cafe..Seddon Street WaihiWorking Mine Pit Waihi.Waihi Traders final day..Before the multi million dollar shift!Main street WAIHIWaihi Art Deco Picture theatre goneOld Karangahake township main streetStirling hotel WaihiMy original Painting of an old miners shack KING STREET WAIHI, with Misery Hill in background Waihi Copyright to H.G.BLOMFIELD Beautiful Mine LakeMine LakeSome old mine buildings I found  of Mine Lake Road that was......WaihiAncient mining ruins WaihiPretty Mine lake WaihiStill waters- Mine lake Waihi Lovely mine lake with ducksOld mining ruins off Mine Lake Road..WaihiOld mining ruins  off Mine Lake Road WaihiOld mining stuff I found off Mine Lake Road  WaihiA magical path to little bridge Mine Lake Waihi 1980's copyright H.G.BlomfieldUnion Hill  mining ruins WaihiWaihi DemoltitionMiners Square WaihiWaikino Power House 2003Old Natinal Bank building WaihiAarad Pye Factory Waihirelocating houses Union Street WaihiMoore Street Union Hill WaihiCornish Pumphouse in its original place, with  protestors on top
copyright H.G.BlomfieldVery early one morning I spotted this moving truck going past my place with the Bridge Club building, on its was to its new site Union Street, being shifted  from the top of Seddon Street opposite the Cornish Pumphouse, everything  now shifted owing to mining subsidence in Upper Seddon St.,.Outside the Art Deco Waihi picture Theatre before it was gutted and demolished....
I was happy with this photo and Tonka toys they aint!-WAIHI GOLD PIT
I caught them putting the new Information Center  ( on piles) in its new  place  at top of Seddon St., WAIHI
This was very early days 1970/80 before the big guns came on the scene...